Death Penalty Essay

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Stephany S. CRJ 104 My opinion on the death penalty is that life in prison is more severe as a punishment than taking the life of someone. Spending time in prison gives the individual time to reevaluate their lifestyle, change themselves, and this also brings forth the opportunity to give back or serve to the community that was effected. By doing this not only would the defendant benefit but also the victims and the community everyone as a whole. We can use this horrendous situation and turn it around into something more manageable and see in an optimistic perspective, as a wakeup call for the defendant to turn their life around. In simpler terms see it as the glass being full rather than halfway empty. Sometimes a person has to hit rock bottom before they see the need for change or see that they are doing something wrong, but by utilizing the death penalty this would not be possible. I believe that every individual in his inner deep essence has some good and there is always hope that the criminal will find inner peace someday. Until then we have to try our best to rehabilitate them, keep them out of society, and offer them as many opportunities to find that tranquility. However, if all fails I believe killing him would not be justifiable, making us the same villains that they are considered. In my opinion the death penalty is not the best and most adequate way to punish a criminal; it is a quick way to go about a problem but not the solution. The death penalty is inconsistent with basic American principles of justice, liberty, and equality. I am sure perhaps you might think that we should continue using the death penalty to help gain a sense of closure, control, and a form of compensation for the families that fell victim and lost their loved ones from murders, gruesome acts of violence, or horrendous crimes. I strongly believe that the death penalty has

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