Death Penalty Essay

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The Death Penalty: The death penalty is very high up on the list of controversial topics people talk about today and it has been on the list for some time now. The decision to take someone’s life isn’t one to be taken lightly. The decision shouldn’t have to be made at all. In fact, taking someone’s life is illegal which technically makes the death penalty hypocritical. Unless someone is defending their own life, taking someone else’s life shouldn’t have to be justified. In other words, the death penalty should be and needs to be abolished. Punishments such as “an eye for an eye” have been around for centuries. We have matured beyond punishments such as cutting off a man’s hand for stealing, however, how is “a life for a life” any different than other “primal” punishments. People pride themselves for being humane and just, but the vengeance and retribution people believe they receive from the death penalty turns everyday people into barbarians. An overview of the death penalty is entirely necessary to understand the facts presented in the rest of this essay. The death penalty started making its true mark on modern society during colonial times. Hanging was the method of choice for those who were sentenced to death. It was said that hanging was a humane way to kill the condemned because it was meant to be quick and painless. It is true that hanging is meant to be quick and painless, but due to improper execution of the executions the condemned usually suffered a less than painless death. People began to sympathize with the condemned and decided it was time to improve on the method of execution. With sympathy also came the transition from public executions filled with cheers and retribution to more private executions within jail yard walls where the public was no longer welcome. Executions became even more private by moving inside the jail itself and next came

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