Death Penalty Essay

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DEATH PENALTY Death Penalty By Wisdom Edioma English 101 11/24/2012 Death Penalty Introduction A convicted criminal is executed by the state as a result of the criminal’s crimes. Death penalty was historically implemented in nearly all the societies. The purpose of death penalty was to punish the criminal for the criminal acts. At present, a large number of the countries have abolished death penalty. The United States of America has not abolished the death penalty yet. Some cultures have controversial beliefs about the death penalty. Some of the people are strongly in favor of the imposition of the death penalty as they consider it the right way to punish a person for his or her criminal acts. The principle of retribution seems to be justified for the proponents as they insist that life sentencing can not be compared to the murder of a person. So, they believe that a person convicted a murder of a person should be sentenced to death to implement the principle of retribution. Where as, some of the people are strongly against the imposition of the death penalty as they consider it as a violation of human rights. They consider life sentencing as a good substitute of death penalty (White, 2001). The history of death penalty is very old. Death penalty was even implemented in those days when the history began to be recorded. The justice system of that time considered the imposition of death penalty as a way to provide justice to people. People were distributed in communities and murders were very rare in communities as majority of the people did not have enough courage to murder a member of any community. This paper provides information about arguments that support and

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