Death Penalty Essay

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In response to the article regarding capital punishment, it is as if we (the countries that are still pro-death penalty) are killing people who kill people to show to not kill people. As immature as this sounds it is very true in the most basic terms but it still is the truth of the matter. The article covers the valid reasons why the executions should be abolished such as the human rights, and lack of justice within the government. Ones rights are very important when it is concerning your life being taken or not. 1-4 of the accused are actually innocent for the crime they are being accused of. The race that is largely being affected by the death penalty are African Americans. They are being prosecuted in a jury that is almost completely white. In March 2004 Cheng Zhonglin told the daily newspaper staff that approximately 10,000 people were executed each year. This statistic informs me to believe that more of the executions are occurring in China. Point being that china is killing more people than Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the USA combined. The death penalty also entitles the government paying extra funds for the prisoners lawyers. For a man in America their time in prison they serve can be up to 9 years before they are sentenced to death row. The fact of the matter is that by putting people in prison is going to happen but it can be organized by making more detention centers. Although we’re going through a recession we still need to prioritize and punish criminals for their crimes. By death penalty being permitted in th united states it violates the V,VIII, and XIV amendment. Amendment five according the the U.S. constitution means a criminal cannot be tried against the same charges more than once, which is equivalent to double jeopardy. Amendment eight means the government cannot keep a person waiting for trial demanding high bail payments. Some people think

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