Death Penalty Essay

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Discursive Essay Outline Essay question: Should death penalty be banned? I. Introduction Thesis statement: Although, the execution of cruel murderers seems to be the just kind of punishment, death penalty should not exist due to its inhumanity and immorality. II. Body A. The death penalty contradicts with moral values and breaks human’s right of life. 1. suffering from pain 2. realizing own mistakes 3. committing trivial act B. The death penalty needs more financial costs than sentencing to life without parole. 1. housing death inmates 2. spending lots of money 3. crime preventing programs C. The death penalty is ineffective punishment most cases trials are fraught with mistakes. 1. sentencing rich people 2. lasting long period 3. sentencing innocent people D. The death penalty can seriously reduce the number of committed crimes. 1. deterring violent crimes 2. making rules strict 3. terrifying act of execution E. The death penalty gives closure and safety to victim’s family members. 1. loosing loved ones 2. suffering huge pain 3. escaping from prison III. Conclusion There are too many flaws in the death penalty; therefore, the only reasonable solution is to abolish it. Should death penalty be banned? The death penalty is a very raging issue on debates and different people have different points of view on how the justice should be served. Many centuries ago execution was widely practiced in almost all countries to prevent criminals from breaking the rules. These days most part of the world does not use this method of

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