Death Penalty Essay

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INTRODUTION The Death Penalty has been around for many years. Great Britain fluenced America more than any other country to the death penalty as a way to punish people for crimes. The very first recorded execution was in the new colonies of George Kendall in Jamestown colony Virginia in 1608. In 1612 the Governor of Virginia establishes the Divine, Moral and Martial Laws; which anyone can be executed for stealing food, killing livestock, and trading with Indians ( Thomas Jefferson tried to introduce bill to revise Virginia death penalty laws. The bill proposed that capital punishment was only for murder or treason, but it lost by one vote( In the early to mid nineteenth century the abolitionist movement had great support in the northeast. A lot of states reduced the capital crime for state penitentiaries. The death penalty viewed in a constitutionality way. For example in 1960s brought changes to the way the death penalty has been viewed. Before the 1960s the fifth, eighth, and fourteenth Amendments was interpreted as permitting the death penalty. Although in the 1960s the death penalty was consider “cruel and unusual” punishment therefore unconstitutional under the eighth Amendment( of the Death Penalty in America). In the late 1960s the Supreme Court began “fine tuning” meaning the way the death penalty was administer. The Supreme Court heard two cases; first case was US v. Jackson. The Supreme Court heard arguments that regares a provision of the federal kidnapping statue requiring that the death penalty be imposed only on recommendation of a jury.( of the Death Penalty in America). The second

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