Death Penalty Essay

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There are many cases of death penalty when an innocent suspect is being sentence to death. It is unfair to the innocent people and to their family to have them executed for something they did not do. If the Courts of Justice were to misjudge a person and claim them to be guilty, they cannot fix their mistake once that innocent person is killed. Executing an innocent is just as wrongful as any individual who kills a person out in public. It would also be considered murder if the jury kills an innocent, so does that mean we should also kill the jury? That is ridiculous to have everyone just killing each other, and the issue would not get any better, but more killing gets involved. Francois Robespierre, a well-known French revolutionist, once said, “Human judgments are never so certain as to permit society to kill a human being judged by other human beings….Why deprive ourselves of any chance to redeem such errors( Goldenman) ?” It is unjust for us to have humans make judgments about other humans and to decide if they should be killed or not. Often times the Courts of Justice makes errors, but we can’t allow innocent people to be sentence to death on accident, that is unfair to the innocent and they should also take killing more seriously. John Stuart Mill, a famous philosopher, states that death penalty is wrong to the innocents, and we cannot make up for all the wrongful executions, “If by an error of justice an innocent person is put to death, the mistake can never be corrected; all compensation, all reparation for the wrong is impossible”(Blacks). The courts of justice cannot make such mistakes, because if they do then they are no different from people in society who make mistakes of murdering others. If the court can be excused for their wrongful convictions then the people should be given a chance also. People should not always consider the death penalty as the

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