Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty is almost as old as the history of mankind. This goes back thousands of years. William George Bonin was executed in 1966 torturing, raping, and killing a minimum of twenty-one boys and young men. The death penalty is a fabulous way to punish our criminals out in our society. These criminals deserve the worst death penalty for breaking American laws. They know that there are consequences and that they will get caught in the long run. Now many people argue if the death penalty is constitutional and there have been many controversies over the death penalty. Argument is: Whether the United States should keep this punishment or abolish it completely. Very few nations such as The United States, Iran, China, and other nations leave the death penalty as an option depending on the victim then there are a few other nations that completely abolished the law of killing someone by using the death penalty. There are those who believe that if a person has committed the worse crime, being murder, than that person must hand over their freedoms and rights. Others believe that it is not just that that person, being a murderer, is declared the punishment of the death penalty. These people’s views come from examples like these: They think by using the death penalty it is the same thing as murdering someone. Human beings do not have the right to take away someone’s life. Many people agree that the criminal deserves the same punishment as they did to others. Many think this isn’t fair. Is the death penalty really justice, or vengeance? The death penalty, although argued cruel and unusual punishment by some people, should be allowed and harder on its criminals. How can some people expect that after brutally torturing another human being and ending their life will not result in a sentence to end their lives as well? How can some people knowing what this person has done

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