Death Penalty Essay

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After the trail is over and the verdict is read “Guilty” and the punishment is death, there will always be mixed reactions. More times than not the victim’s family would be relieved to hear such an outcome, but others may not be so elated. The dispute over the death penalty is one that has never been compromised and may never be. Some feel the penalty of death is justice served with no regard to the claims of its inhumanity. Those who oppose such punishment have many reasons to support that choice but those who are for capital punishment have just as many. There are many people who oppose the death penalty, because they feel it to be a cruel and inhumane punishment given to the prisoner. Today many states and even countries have their own take to capital punishment by using some of the worst methods of executions which inflict pain and suffering to the prisoner. One of these methods still use today is the gas chamber, the sates that still use this type of execution are Arizona, California, Missouri, and Wyoming. The gas chamber is said to be inhumane, because the prisoner is strap down to a chair while lethal gas spreads throughout the chamber. Next the prisoner is told to breathe in deeply to help speed up the execution. While inhaling the toxic fumes the prisoner starts to feel pain and anxiety resulting from the gas. Many people speculate that the prisoner does not lose total consciousness immediately, death then follows by cutting off oxygen to the brain. The second punishment that is believed to be inhumane and cruel is the firing squad, though only two states still use this type of capital punishment it is deemed to be a terrifying way to die. Before the prisoner is executed they first must be strap to a chair with a blindfold covering their eyes. Then you have about five to six people called the shooters who are aiming for the Prisoners heart, but

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