Death Penalty Essay

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FCA: WK 1. Compositional Risk 1/23/09 2. Strong Opening 3. Elaborated, Persuasive, Logical Reasons 4. Strong Closing Death Penalty Did you ever want a murderer you heard about on the news to be brought to justice? Well that is what Capital punishment does. Capital punishment is the killing of a person by judicial process for retribution and incapacitation. Capital Punishment is more commonly known as death penalty. Crimes that can result in death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. For example a serial killer named Pedro Lopez had killed over 300 girls in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. They arrested him in Ecuador. It turns out Ecuador has no death penalty, so Pedro, who has served the maximum sentence of 20 years, was secretly released in 1999. So he served about three weeks for each person he killed. That seems awfully fair. Death penalty has been brought to a halt in many countries such as Ecuador but this may not be a clever move. Death Penalty helps society as well as the victim’s family. Therefore death penalty should be legal if not already. Here are 3 reasons why death penalty should be legalized… The first reason is because death penalty gives closure to the victim’s family. Imagine the detriment the victim’s family suffered. Many people feel that sentencing death penalty will be the best punishment to satisfy them. Some wanton criminals do such horrible, inhumane ways of murdering, that people think death penalty is the best solution to this problem. “If Capital Punishment is state sponsored murder than any lesser punishment is a state sponsored murder of justice,” Saqib Ali, state delegate. It would be unjust to the victim’s family if the criminal wasn’t executed. If death penalty is not carried out there is no justice. If a murderer kills and the same is not done to him it is unreasonable.

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