Death Penalty Essay

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The issue of the death penalty today is a very widely discussed topic, but where do you fall? Are you against or are you for this debatable subject? Throughout this essay I will be showing the opionions on this topic of many people. There are many different ways of punishing the criminals and one of the ways to punish them would be the death penalty. The issue with death penalty has been going on ever since the early times. Some people support the idea of the death penalty for they say it is fair for one to be killed if they kill others. There are others who feel that death penalty is not fair and many innocent lives have been penalized for something that they did not do. The issue of death penalty is that it is unjust and it deals with our many moral issues. It is a cruel punishment and we the people should be able to come up with another form of punishment to replace this form of punishment. Prejudice of race is present in cases involving the death penalty. This has brought up many conflicts though it is not illegal to not like another race, it is very cowardly to think another race is inferior. We should abolish the death penalty from society because not only is it immoral but it is against what many people think is right. There are many cases of death penalty where an innocent suspect is being sentence to death. It is unfair to the innocent people and to their family to have them executed for something they did not do. If the Courts of Justice were to misjudge a person and claim them to be guilty, they cannot fix their mistake once that innocent person is killed. Executing an innocent is just as wrong as any individual who kills a person in public. It would also be considered murder if the jury kills an innocent, so does that mean we should also kill the jury? That is ridiculous to have everyone just killing each other, making the issue worse, involving more

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