Death Penalty Essay

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Death Penalty Is the death penalty a deterrent? Is it fair? Does it give justice to the victims’ families? These are just a few of the questions that surround the controversy on the death penalty or capital punishment. Depending on who you asked; the answers to the questions asked will vary from one person to another. Capital punishment brings about many debates or arguments; I believe that even though many people disagree with capital punishment, many advantages outnumber the disadvantages. Those who oppose the death penalty have three leading factors of why they believe that it should be abolished. First off, they believe that life in prison is far worse than the death penalty. Those who oppose it believe that those who serve life in prison without parole lose all of their freedom and most of their rights. Secondly, those who oppose have doubts on the judicial system; what if the accuser was wrongly accused. Many factors play a role in that, what if the evidence was faulty or there was a false testimony? In the end those could have a big impact on the accused and if they truly were innocent and were put on death row instead of life in prison, they would be murdered for something that they were completely innocent of. Lastly, those who oppose the death penalty believe that it gives America the wrong impression. Most people want other countries to look at America in a favorable aspect and want others to look at us as a superior. They also believe that others will be more supportive to America when it is need if the death penalty was abolished. Now there are those who are for the death penalty and believe that the advantages far outnumber the disadvantages. Most start off with the victims’ families; by saying how it’s only fair that there is justice done, they receive closure, and satisfaction. Those who are for the death penalty believe that

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