Death Penalty Essay

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People have a vast way of thinking about how they feel about the death penalty. Some of them are opposing to it and other seem to agree with it. Many studies have been done to try to prove or disprove a point regarded it as state san sanctioned murder and not civilized. The death penalty has been attributed to societies for hundreds of years. The death penalty does serve as a deterrent to crime. Firstly when using the method of deterrence, we assume that humans are rational and they will not commit the crimes after knowing the consequences and harm it will bring. Hence, to a certain extent, people will avoid committing crimes. However, the effectiveness of the death penalty will depend on the nature of the crimes. For example, most offenders in murder crimes are usually not in a mentally stable state, hence death penalty will not serve as deterrence because the offenders are not thinking rationally. Hence, the death penalty only has a limited effectiveness. Crime rates are high in United States for a number of reasons. Firstly, we can say that not everyone is aware of the consequences of their actions and thus they will continue to commit the crimes. Next, we can also say that the death penalty does not apply to all crimes, hence crime rates are high because the offenders committing such crimes have no reason to be deterred by the death penalty. Some countries like Germany, Denmark and Switzerland have abolished the death penalty, and have implemented other programs to replace it. On the hand, some countries like Singapore and China have permitted death penalty because they believe in the effectiveness of such methods to deter crimes. A recent extensive study of California's death penalty cited the case of a white supremacist who killed a fellow gang member. He asked his attorney to get him sentenced to death,

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