Death of Salesman Essay

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Success is a personal realization which is achievable by everyone, but most of us are unable to accomplish what we really want to do or what we work for. Success is something everyone aims for and no one wants to fail. People cannot be happy for a long time if they feel like they are failure within because they know what they are capable as an individual. Success has different meanings to every person whether its a small area in life in which you succeed or big. In the Play “Death of Salesman” by Arthur Miller, the playwright focuses on the theme of idea of success in society which differs one from another. The main character Willy believes that success is about reputation, getting liked by people and getting to know people, whereas his son, Biff is total opposite and thinks that success comes from happiness , being and able to do what you want to do and enjoying it at the same time. Miller as a teenager was thought that he would never be successful. In the Play, he shows that through a character named Bernard, who as a kid was a nerd in high school. Miller shows that even though you are not a star in high school days or playing any sports, through your hard work, putting up with school and getting the education needed, a person can be successful thus becoming what they want. Miller shows that with hard work you can work your way up to success as success doesn’t come to you. In the play, Charley says “how do you like this kid? Gonna argue a case in front of the Supreme Court.” It shows us that Bernard is successful and living his American dream. When Willy heard that, the nerdy boy, who he looked down to as a kid has achieved success and become a successful person. Willy was very shocked, pained and happy at the same time. His tone changes vividly because he couldn’t believe it. Willy is very driven by his willfulness that he has mixed up the reality with his

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