Death of Osama Essay

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Death of Osama bin Laden: Effect on Al-Qaeda by Student’s name Code+ course name Professor’s name University name City, State Date Death of Osama bin Laden: Effect on Al-Qaeda INTRODUCTION After the U.S. commandos hunted down and killed Osama bin Laden, they still had to search for any vital document that had information relating to the future attacks and generally the entire plan of the al-Qaida group. For roughly 20 minutes, the Navy SEAL Team Six ransacked bin Laden's compound in Pakistan's city of Abbottabad, collecting what came to be described as a library of great intelligence on the inner dealings of the outlawed al-Qaida terror group. It was that effort that recognized bin Laden as the arch-terrorist, who built the al-Qaida into a globe-spanning conglomerate with far-flung affiliates and franchises. The U.S. commandos later buried his corps at sea to ensure that his final resting place didn’t become a shrine for true believers who may view bin Laden as the symbolic leader of a revolutionary movement. One year down the line, it is vivid clear that the killing of bin Laden dealt a major blow to the al-Qaida group which he had helped found. Despite the fact that Osama was discredited among many Muslims and refuted by the Arab Spring democracy movements, his revolutionary ideology of a nihilistic war between the West and Islam unfortunately lives on. The al-Qaida group was fond of executing major attacks and unleashing terror on major towns, cities and countries around the world. The raid and killing of its ring leader tremendously crippled the group. Notably, the killing of Osama bin Laden opened a path for other major killings of the al-Qaida gang leaders. For instance, as of last year, the U.S intelligence team claimed to have killed about half of al-Qaida’s top 20 leaders in attacks and raids by armed drones. Some of these bin
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