Death of Marat Essay

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In 1793 Jacques-Luis David painted a portrait titled The Death of Marat. Jean-Paul Marat was a radical journalist and he would write pamphlets trying to persuade people to end the extreme privilege that came with nobility. He had a skin problem so he would write these pamphlets and different letters from his medicinal bath. He put a board over the bath and used it as a table and that’s where he is portrayed to have done a lot of his writing. Charlotte Corday was a supporter in the opposition party and she blamed Marat for riots and thought that he was at fault. Corday wrote Marat a letter and then stabbed him to death because she thought he was at fault. In the painting we see Marat replying to her letter along with paper money on his side table that is actually just a crate. This is to imply that Marat cared about the people and that redistribution of wealth was something that was happening in the French Revolution. David was considered the most important French Neoclassical painter of the time. He took over French for about 20 years during the French Revolution and the reign of Napoleon. He won the Prix de Rome and some of his common themes throughout his works were masculinity, stoicism, and patriotism. He also painted a very significant work in 1784 named the Oath of Horatii. David studied in Rome for six years and then returned to Paris where he produced most of his work. In this work it is very clear that Marat is the focal point. He has a detailed pale white body and is up against a dark background that does not have a lot going on. Even though this portrays a stabbing, David made this into a very beautiful picture and is made to be looked at like a martyr similar to Jesus Christ and many crucifixion pieces of art. Marat is made to look like a good guy or hero in this because he cares about people lesser than him. You can see in this piece that Marat is

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