Death Of Grief Essay

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“Death of Grief” Death to many conveys a fairly constant string of emotions. There is disbelief, anger, and the inevitable sorrow from the loss. Death has always seemed a sad and very lonely road for both the grievers and the decease themselves. Many of the readings this quarter have conveyed this deep sense of remorse and loneliness, they shed a tear over the tragic loss of human life. There have also been many readings that portray death on the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Some it shows a cold, uncaring look at death saying it’s just one more down. While others even go as far as rejoicing in the passing of friends or themselves for that matter. These new outlooks have changed the way I view death a lot in my own personal life. I have always viewed death in the traditional sense of sadness. Another human being has now, and forever, ceased being a part of your life. Ben Jonson’s poem On My First Son is by far one of the best examples of this. Jonson’s tears can practically be felt through the words in the poem over the death of his child. He begs, “O could I lose all father now!” Wishing he could cut his memory of fatherhood from his mind to try and ease the pain. The sorrow is so bold that he pleas to forget what it was like to raise the boy. In the beginning he states “My sin was too much hope of thee.” Not only did Jonson lose his baby boy and not see him grow up to become a man, he lost the man he was going to become. He thought of how the boy would grow up and now all of those thoughts and hopes are lost as well. The Death of a Salesman goes right along with this feeling of grief. As Willy passes on Linda is thoroughly confused, not knowing all of the things that Willy has gone through and not knowing his reasons for ending his own life. In the final scenes, Linda just keeps repeating, “I can’t understand it” and many people try to explain their

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