Death of a Writer Essay

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Death of A Writer A Novel: By Michael Collins A Professor named E. Robert Pendleton once had a successful career as a literary prodigy, but recently had failed his position and replaces his works failure working as a professor at Midwestern College. As the days go by Midwestern receives a visit by a rival author/superstar which pushes Robert towards desperation and his suicide attempt. When Robert was discovered the police began an investigation, Roberts attempt had no explanation. As the investigation went on the police overcame new research, Robert’s suicide attempt was thwarted by a young graduate student leaving him in a wheelchair, surviving barely in a conscious state. The newly discovered researches lead the discovery of Robert’s unpublished semiautobiographical novel with a gruesome child murder story. His novel is then published without his presence in a result of his condition. Questions start to pile up because Roberts novel is a weird resemblance to real life unresolved local murder. As people begin to question the resemblance of Roberts’s novel, it lead the police on the hunt and discovery of the murderer of the deceased victim. Michael Collins is one of Ireland’s major talents. Michael was inspired to writing his books by experiencing the lives of Americans struggling for survival. Michael Collins began his life as an immigrant in America. He began to write when he was in college in the early eighties living in a car because he was unable to work in America legally. Michael began to immerse in the hardship of people’s lives, he wanted to understand Americans fears and hopes. Michael witnessed deaths, prostitution, drug dealing and many frightening moments. Michael used his experiences and visual aid in his first years in America as an immigrant to lead him to writing the novels,

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