Death Of A Salesmen "acceptance Can Hurt"

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Acceptance Can Hurt The story Death of a Salesman is a classic example of the American ideal life style. A man who goes out and works to earn money to support his wife and children. The wife stays at home and takes care of the children and she cleans the household and insures there is always a well prepared meal awaiting when her husband arrives at home. That man is Willy Loman and that women is Linda Loman. Linda cares for Willy unconditionally, so much so that it begins to hurt Willy when she constantly accepts his behavior regardless of its consequences. Willy gives off the impression that he has a really great job to everyone he speaks to, specifically his sons. When in fact this is not the case and Willy now works on merely commission. He can never even make a sale when he claims he constantly “knocks it home”. Linda knows it isn't true but allows Willy to lie to her and she goes along with it because she loves Willy and wouldn't want to insult him. Willy borrows 50 dollars per week from Charlie and plays it off as if it were his pay. Linda knows that it is not his pay but continues to pretend like it is. Linda accepting Willy’s behavior is only a negative influence on him because if she would acknowledge the fact that he wasn't making any money she could potentially get him to pursue another job with Charlie and actually begin to earn money and not be facing so much stress of driving long distances without reward. Willy knows deep down that he is overall a pretty unsuccessful man but he continues to tell his two sons that he is successful and that all they need in life is to be well liked in order to be like him. Although this is very untrue and Willy is not very well liked and is certainly not successful he puts on a front like its all one needs in life. Willy thinks that his attempts to kill himself are secret but all along Linda knows what he is doing

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