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Death Of a Salesman Essay

  • Submitted by: mosesalan
  • on May 23, 2011
  • Category: English
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After reading all the literature for our class, I can conclude that my favorite story is the Death of a salesman. The drama story, Death of a salesman, is about Willy, a travel salesman, who has a high expectation for his sons, especially for Biff, his older son. Due to job as a travel salesman, Willy endures tremendous amount of stress and addition to his sons not living up to his expectation Through the flashbacks, we found that Willy had an affair with an anonymous woman when his sons were in high school. Their secret relationship was revealed by Biff at a hotel in Boston. The incident caused Biff to lose faith in his father, furthermore he loses his motivation to pass math and enter college. Ultimately, it caused him to become a failure later on in life.
The ending is what makes this story unique, it is about the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment and parent’s unconditional love. The father has overwhelming love and hope for his son, and when his son failed, the father reacted with deep disappointment. Although Willy was stubborn, weak, and made numerous mistakes throughout the story, I respected him for his father’s love.   He believed in order for his son to success, Biff needs capital to start. He bought an insurance policy for himself and entitles the money to Biff, and committed suicide. Willy is willing to die for his son to success. His unconditional love for his son killed him at the end, but like a war hero who died in battle, his respectfulness lives on. Therefore, death of a salesman is one of my all time favorite story.

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