Death of a Salesman Essay

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Prompt #1: In the play The Death of a Salesman Willy Loman’s dream is to have business success, but this extends beyond the basic understanding of wealth and security. Willy wants nothing more financially than what he needs. He would like his refrigerator to be paid for and he wants to not worry about greater financial problems. More than anything though, Willy wants to be a successful businessman in the sense that he is well liked and greatly admired. If Willy were a successful businessman he would have financial stability and thus he may have a better relationship with his family. Willy’s American dream is to be recognized as a success in the business world, be financially stable, and be a family man. Throughout the novel you see him struggle to achieve this dream. During the play Willy is constantly struggling to achieve his American dream. In the beginning you see him lying to his wife about how much money he had made. This tells you that he does not want to be a burden on anyone. Willy wants to be much like his father, a successful flute salesman, but unlike his father part of his dream is to be a family man. Willy’s father abandoned his family before he could learn his secret to success. Willy promised himself he would not leave his family for any reason. He gave up his chance at success in Alaska to stay with his family. Willy strived his whole life to have a real relationship with his son Biff, which, in some sense he gains at the end. But not how he would have hoped for. I think the worth of Willy’s American dream is something most people do not see. He fought his whole life to achieve his dream. He took from personal experiences and each thing he had gone through he made it some part of his dream. Willy died for his American dream. He fought for as long as he could for a relationship with his son and to be able to pay off his utilities. Both of which

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