Death of a Salesman Essay

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Death of a Salesman Analysis Sarah Wallace Death of a salesman, written by Arthur Miller is considered an influential play based on a man’s struggle with reality. Willy Lomans lack of success is symbolized through the garden in his backyard. The seeds planted reflect opportunity for him. An individual such as Willy is unable to provide for his loved ones, suggesting a feeble desire to prove one’s self-worth, leaving an individual with a lack a personal success. Willy is frequently possessed by feelings of confusion and inadequacy. Always uncertain about how to raise his sons, he worries that, like his own father, he will be unable to provide for them. Seeds reflect the failed relationship between him and Biff, always wanting to regrow what was lost from Biff based on Willy’s own unfaithful commitments. Unwilling to see what potential Biff lost based on his own actions, Willy takes his failure of success as a result in his own parental methods. When Willy states that “Nothing is planted, I don’t have a thing in the ground”, he is referring to his sons and their future, knowing he has nothing to give. This means that Willy’s desire to be a good father can no longer be shown through his advice and understanding of life, so he instead has to provide them with nutrition, which he is also failing at. Through planting seeds, Willy wants to grow something that will thrive, and provide something for his family after he has passed. Willy was never able to thrive as a salesman and uses gardening as a way to make up for that, which is ironic, being that he is better suited for working with his hands, just like his son Biff. Biff states “Pop I was never cut out to be a salesman and neither are you, men like us can work with our hands”. Willy would be better suited to work in

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