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“Death of a Salesman” Arthur Miller DRAMA: LITERATURE ANALYSIS Who is speaking? Biff, the son to Willy, is speaking to his father throughout this scene. Biff is in the “child” part of the ego-state where is behaving and reacting to situations around him like they would with childhood. This is exhibited in his outburst of anger and very evident crying. Biologically, Biff is in his mid 20s and is a very attractive young white man who is skilled at pleasing people and is very athletic. Sociologically, he is very family driven and doesn’t quite hold an occupation that makes him happy. He isn’t very worldly as he has stayed close with this father all of his life. Psychologically, Biff is a sort of wreck, specifically in this scene where he comes to a break down and reveals he has many fears and low self esteem. He reveals his true dreams and his attitude toward the world around him. Ethically/morally, Biff is pretty pure and doesn’t have many values of his own, he is just very family driven and lets them make the decisions for him. He has gone through life doing everything ethically and morally right until of course he steals the fountain pen which ignites the entire scene to occur. To whom? In this moment, Biff is speaking to his father in a very blunt and honest manner in the family kitchen. When? He does this late in the play (Act 2, Scene 13) after he comes back from a failed interview. It is the late evening when he has this confrontational scene. Why? He talks to his father in this manner because all throughout his life, he has never been able to put to words his feelings toward his father and how he truly feels about life around him. Biff has been a character that has always done what he is told: from his parents, his coaches, and his teachers. He has always succeeded and now that he is on his own and can make his own

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