Death of a Salesman Essay

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English C Spring Term 2013 [pic] Rita Peura BCPW[pic][pic] Focus on • Close Reading[pic] • Argumentative Essay Writing • Ventilations • Analysis: individual & group To perform ▪ Read Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman (1949) ▪ Read Susan Abbotson’s text “Tragedy: Death of a Salesman (1949)” ▪ Watch Miller’s play (optional) ▪ Analyse characters and the theme of the play ▪ Write an Argumentative Essay based on the play and on Abbotson’s text. ▪ Active participation in Essay Ventilation: acting as Defender and Opponent Argumentative Essay: • Argue for or against one aspect in the Abbotson text: Allow for this aspect to become the title of your essay. “An early title for the play was The Inside of His Head” (Abbotson 2000: 36) • Ensure to support your discussion with solid and contextual quotes from both the play as well as from Abbotson’s text. • Your essay is to show a clear structure comprising of a title, an introduction, defined body paragraphs and a conclusion. • Essay format: Times New Roman size 12 / 800-1000 words. • Essay to be sent in via ARBETEN & Urkund: Lesson activity: |8 March 2013 |Introduction to work on Death of a Salesman | |11 March |Independent reading lesson | |15 March |Group analysis work: Characters and theme | |18 March |Presentations of group analysis work

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