Death of a Salesman Essay

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Javier Benito 10z Essay: What do we learn about Willy’s character and beliefs in the opening chapter of the play? The play death of a salesman is settled around the 50’s, when because of emigration from the countryside to the city, the business of the salesman is falling down, and the cities are being, occupied. In this play, the main character is Willy Loman a salesman which is not anymore successful in business. His problem is his age, he is around 60 years old, and he believes that in business appearance and charisma make you succeed, not the hard work or the effort. This believe is his interpretation of the American Dream, which is a contrary to the general believe; the achieving of success through hard work and effort. Firstly, I think Willy is not proud of himself anymore; he thinks he has lost his beauty, and because of this, his opportunities of getting a suitable job as a salesman are also fading away. This feeling of frustration ruins Willy although Linda tries to cheer him up, and also advices him that he can’t work as he did before: “But you are sixty years old. They can’t expect you to keep travelling every week”. In this quote we can see Linda trying to persuade Willy to take another job or besides to talk with his boss in order to change his work routine and keep him away from travelling that much. In addition, Willy is confused; he has had some car accidents recently, because he is mentally instable and terribly stuck in the past, when life was better for the whole family, and he is distracted constantly by his memories. “I have such thoughts, such strange thoughts”. Here Willy is telling Linda what is happening to him. I think Willy doesn´t want to alarm his family, but he is conscious that something is happening to him. “I will, I definitely will. Is there any cheese?” In this quote we can see Willy trying to change the subject of the

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