Death Of a Salesman Essay

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In the play "Death of a Salesman", living a lie brought unhappiness for two characters. Arthur miller, the author of "Death of a Salesman" which won a Pultizer prize was a son of Jewish immigrants in U.S.A. His father couldn't make enough money for his family. When Arthur got credits to join the University of Michigan, he didn't have enough income to pay his university fee. So, Arthur has to work and pay his university fee, in order to get his graduation. While in University he was inspired by the Greeks, who have tragic end in the plays. Arthur wrote plays which had tragic end which evoke human feelings. The play, "Death of a Salesman", also have tragic feeling about living lie brought unhappiness for two characters: one is Willy, the father and the other is Biff, the son. Living a lie brought unhappiness for Willy, who was the head of the family. He leads a false life, when he was not able to make enough money to cover the expenses. When he was able to make money that was in younger days he was not loyal to Linda. He had an affair with a woman in Boston, who says, “I picked you”. He uses to give her stockings which he bought for his wife Linda and had a guilty feeling whenever he sees Linda mending her stockings. To overcome it, he uses to shout at Linda. When his son, Biff came to know this, he was unhappy with Biffs’ each and every movement, and he couldn’t tell that to him straightly, so he started talking to himself. He was in an imaginary world. He was not honest though; he stole the bricks and woods from an apartment construction and built his own house. When he was put straight on commission in his work, he uses to borrow money from Charley and give it to Linda as his salary. Whenever, Charley asks to work for him, he use to say, “I have a job”, which doesn’t pay anything. He was not able to accept the reality and lead a lie and pretend he is happy,

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