Death of a Parent Essay

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Death of a Parent ABSTRACT In America many children grow up without one of their parents, if not both of them. How will this affect the lives they will grow to live? To be a child on the verge of disaster can be damaging but to be the parent watching the child lose the other parent can be devastating. As adults, we are supposed to show our children that we will always be there for them and never leave them. Unfortunately, when one parent has no choice but to die, how does that make a child feel? How many children feel the loss of a parent on a daily basis? People who lose a loved one to death can learn to accept this and still function in the world. Children who lose a parent unfortunately seem to withdraw into themselves due to the loss. A child may feel that if one parent can die then the other parent who is still living can as well. Children in this situation can either cling to the living parent or withdraw from that parent. Learning more about this may help me find a way to help my children. One minute a child seems to have everything, a mom and a dad and life seems to be a happy life. No one knows when life can alter its course on others. A parent can leave for work after a happy breakfast with the family and the next thing you know life can change in an instant by a terrible tragedy. In my case, my kids father, my boyfriend, was diagnosed with stage four Ana-plastic Large T-Cell Lymphoma. In one moment my kids saw that their dad had returned home from being away at work for a month and in the next instance they saw him slowly leaving them. In some ways I think having the kid’s dad be hit and instantly killed would have been better for them and him than the kids watching his body slowly die everyday for five months. Death is cruel and hurtful and there is nothing that can change that fact.

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