Death of a Newspaper Essay

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Arika-Dare Byrum Mr. Carpenter Oral Communications Extra, Extra! Read all about it. Remember when a newspaper was “the” source for news across the country. Where have newspapers gone? I expect to read an online obituary for the newspaper any day. The major problem is swift moving competition from emerging Web sites. As more people turn to the Internet for news-even, ironically, to the newspapers' own websites-fewer subscribe to the news printed on paper. Less subscribers mean less circulation which results in loss of advertising revenue. As with any other business, a monetary loss takes a toll on the ability to have large, comprehensive, news-gathering operations. As an end result, the newspaper shrinks, attracts less readers, takes a decline in advertising revenue, and there we have the “death” of newspapers. Newspapers have tried the migration process to the Web. The results have had varying degrees of success, however, advertising has been lost in the process. The advent of Craigslist has wiped out the need for print classified ads. American newspapers have lost forty-two percent of their value in the last three years. According to the Newspaper Association of America, the number of people employed in the industry fell by 18% between 1990 and 2004. So, not only is the newspaper dying but it's taking jobs with it. Will our generation see the extinction of the newspaper? The decay of the newspaper industry eats away at the connection individuals have with their neighbors and the challenges faces those out of earshot. Newspapers also support reading comprehension development fully. If you were interested in the commentary on last night's basketball game or TV. Listings, the likelihood of a headline catching you attention is high. The type and click certainty of Internet press does not allow

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