Death of a Naval Commander

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Passage 2 News paper article TRAGIC DEATH OF RESPECTED NAVAL COMMANDER ERUPTION CAUSES TERROR AND DESTRUCTION IN BAY OF NAPLES Last week Naval commander Pliny the elder passed away because the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius located in Naples, southern Italy. He was known by being at the time the Naval commander of Roman navy at the bay of Naples, but he was as well a known writer, among his books the most known was an encyclopedia called Natural History. He was famous as well for his service to the state, he had military experiences and served in Germany, he had an administrative post in spain. He died among an estimate of 20,000 more people. The eruption was fatal, it left the city of Pompeii covered in pumice stone and volcanic ash, at a height of 29 meters. The destruction of the city was not all, the eruption left some poisonous gases and dust, this is what we believe Naval commander Pliney passed away. When it erupted it took the city by surprise, nobody was expecting such an enormous disaster. But the reason so many people died was because the city had no emergency plan no escape routs. There were no rescue teams and nothing that could help them predict what would happen. All the wounded couldn't be cured there were no doctors, no people able to help. Former commander Pliny has a young nephew, Pliny the young. It is known that he asked his Pliny the young to stay at home and write about what he saw. He did what his uncle told him to, we quote what he wrote “I cannot give a more exact description of the shape of the cloud then by comparing it to that of pine tree, for it shot up to a great height in the form of a trunk which formed itself at the top into several branches. The cloud was at one moment white and at another moment spotted, as if it had carried up earth and cinders.” Later Pliny the young had to move because the volcano ash was

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