Death Of A Great Man Essay

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“Death of a Great Man” LaQuista Verrett Composition I – 262 May 14, 2011 Abstract There have been several significant events in my life that I can write about, the first being the death of my uncle when I was 10 years old. My horrible childhood tragedy could also be something interesting to write about. Growing up as my grandparent’s only granddaughter amongst 10 grand boys for 11 years is interesting also. Playing softball most of my life has really had a great affect on me mentally and physically. Out of all of these events I am not sure which one to write about because they all mean so much to me. These events are why I am who I am today. I have chosen to write my essay on how the death of my uncle at the age of 10 has affected my life. My uncle, Alphonso Penson, was a wonderful man. He died March 17, 1987; he was only 35 years old. My uncle died from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was the best friend and uncle a little girl could ask for. Because my father wasn’t there he was also like a father to me. He’s passing away really devasted my life. The death of my uncle was a very devastating day. The initial news of his death was very scary. When my school bus pulled up to the house all I saw were people all in the yard, sobbing and wiping away tears. All I could think was what is going on here? As I got off the bus my mother tried to stop me from entering the house but I jerked away from her and ran hurriedly to his room. When I finally arrived in his room and saw that he was not there I just dropped to my knees and screamed, “No,” to the top of my lungs. I just kept asking, why? This was the saddest day of my life. Losing my uncle changed my life forever. I promised myself that even though I was only ten years old, I would make it know what was needed for someone to live with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My uncle probably would have
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