Death and the Maiden

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Death and the Maiden Essay Question: ‘Dramatic structure is not random or arbitory it imposes recognisable order to human behaviour and events’. In what ways has the structure of ‘Death and the Maiden’ imposed some order on the human events of the play? Dramatic and literary structure are not random or arbitory, they are specifically designed by the playwright to fulfill specific purposes and aims. Dramatic and literary structure can be used to convey central themes and messages, enhance the viewing experience or to emphasize mood, atmosphere and characterization all of which are vital parts of any play. Consequently as these dramatic and literary techniques are structured they do in fact impose a recognizable order on human behaviour and events however this is an unavoidable part of theatre as plays are a story and a story must have structure to give it meaning and make it entertaining. Ariel Dorfman’s ‘Death and the Maiden’ is a brilliant example of modern literary which demonstrates the many ways in which dramatic and literary structure impose order on the human events and behaviour of the play and the purpose the playwright has in imposing this order. All play’s are essentially a dramatic performance of a series of events that link together to tell a story to the audience in a manner that is entertaining, therefore all plays follow one of the many formats of a story. Ariel Dorfman’s ‘Death and the Maiden’ follows the most commonly know story structure of introduction, complication, climax and conclusion which consequently imposes order on the human events and behavior within the text. This order is clearly visible within the dialogue of the novel with all main events and human behavior following the above structure and thus imposing order on the characters and events, removing the chaotic and random factors of human life. All basic human events within

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