Death in Literature Essay

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James Morris S. Wright APLANG 24 May 2013 Death in Literature Death displayed in literature defines the level of emotion the story contains. In literature, death can result from many different actions. Mostly it appears as the result of an event that has taken place in earlier in the story. The article written by John Sulken describes how death can have a huge impact on a story, and can have a meaning behind it. In the the movie Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman’s life is on the edge because of his slow developed disease and financial problems. He attempted to kill himself several times before he actually succeeded. Willy is attempting to kill himself to save his family of financial issues, but every time he attempts to commit suicide he puts his family into a state of worry beyond financial reasons. The relationship between Willy and his son is not very good. His son, Biff, feels that his father has always been selfish. He tells his mother that his father has never really cared about him. His mother rejects the idea and tells of Biff the hardships his father has endured. She explains how the company is treating him and how it has crippled him emotionally and physically. As he travels at his old age, the company does not pay him so he has to borrow money every week from a friend. His disability to support his family is embarrassing to him. He attempts to kill himself in order for his family to receive his insurance money and live better. He has wrecked the car and has inhaled carbon monoxide many times hoping that he will die. The idea of Willy giving his own life to support his family shows how much he loves them. Death is Willy’s way of escaping his financial troubles. Willy trying to kill himself relates to Sulken’s portion of the article labeled Personal Accounts. WIlly trying to kill himself is an example is him trying to relieve
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