Death in Florence Essay

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“Death in Florence” begins with Inspector Bordelli waking up in an empty bed, longing for the woman he had laid with the previous night. There has been news of a boy, Giacomo Pellissari, who has gone missing, and Inspector Bordelli feels unaccomplished and incomplete because he is unable to solve the crime. He feels that it is his responsibility to get to the bottom of the case, while he is very cynical and doubtful about his own life. He questions whether he will find love, and if it will last until his death. Meanwhile, he alone with his friend Piras, whom he cares about deeply because he was friends with his father during the war, is his right hand man helping him along with the case. Bordelli goes mushroom hunting with his dear friend Botta, and this begins to introduce his memories of the war. “Old memories streamed confusedly through Bordelli’s mind. Memories of childhood, the war, old girlfriends now faceless. But elbowing its way through every thought was the mystery of the missing boy. Bordelli was beginning to think he’d been kidnapped by Martians…” (Vichi) The book delves into the day Giacomo went missing, vividly describing the rain pouring down and Giacomo running off and “vanishing into thin air.” (Vichi) The book constantly brings up the idea of vanishing into thin air, implying that the world is unpredictable. Giacomo’s mother was responsible for picking him up at school that day, but her car wouldn’t start, so she called her husband to pick up their son. The father arrived an hour late and the child was missing. Oreste, the custodian, found the boy in the doorway gazing outside. He allowed Giacomo to call home several times, but the phone lines were disrupted due to the rain. After offering to walk Giacomo home, he had run into the ran and as the book constantly repeats, “vanished into thin air.” Oreste then goes on to say, “That friend of yours

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