Death & Dying Essay

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University Of Malta Institute Of Health Care hink of a service/program, which you believe could improve the quality of end-of-life care provision and write a report to management, in an attempt to persuade them to implement this service/program. This report should include a description of the service, the rationale for its implementation and the perceived challenges. It would also be beneficial to show an awareness of any possible limitations of this service/program and measures to minimize these. End of life Care for Advanced dementia patients. Introduction Palliative Care is an approach to care for the seriously ill that has long been a part of cancer care. Both palliative care and hospice have been recognized as important bridges between the compulsion for cure-oriented care (Saunders & Kastenbaum, 1997). Nowadays palliative care is also being offered for patients with non-cancer illness but also those patients who are in need for end of life care who suffer from chronic illnesses to be able to provide pain management, psychological and spiritual needs. The goal of palliative care is to help and improve the patient and their family good quality of life not only during their end of life stage but through the whole course of the disease. End of life care is an important part of palliative care, and usually refers to the care of a person during their last part of their life, from the point at which it has become clear that the person is in a progressive state of decline. (Oxford handbook of Palliative Care March 2009). Patients with advanced dementia should have more access to good palliative care. Godwin & Waters ( 2009) quoted Morris and Meier ( 1996) confirm that inferior care is (sometimes) offered to people with dementia, for example, these patient are not uncommonly offered only half the level of analgesia given to

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