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Death At Catalhoyuk Essay

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  • on September 29, 2011
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Located within the Konya basin of south central Turkey and comprised of the dual 'East' and 'West' mounds, the settlement of Çatalhöyük (a name of local origin translating roughly to 'fork mound') had an occupation spanning a minimum of about 1,700 years - a figure allowing for both the original 'East' site, with its larger size and significantly longer duration, and its Chalcolithic resettlement. A radiocarbon date of approximately 7,400 BCE attributed to its earliest level of occupation situates the site within the later part of the Near Eastern Neolithic, specifically Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) . As part of V. Gordon Childe's famous coinage - the 'Neolithic Revolution' - this period saw cultures that were, for the first time in human existence, becoming reliant on the technologies of plant and animal domestication and that were, simultaneously, adopting lifestyles of a sedentary nature. Hodder thus notes the vital importance of Çatalhöyük's wider regional context in any interpretation of the settlement .

Beyond its place within the period defined by arguably the "greatest of all human achievements" , this site's significance lies within a number of fascinating features. Spanning an enormous 13.5 hectares, the East mound alone marks Çatalhöyük as a settlement unique in terms of its sheer size, dwarfing contemporaneous establishments within the Konya region and "push[ing] the idea of a village to its logical absurdity" . Yet it is not merely its great expanse that has set Çatalhöyük apart and captured the scholarly attention of those interested in the Neolithic period - the settlement also possesses a rather distinct building structure that allowed for tremendous population density. Up to 10,000 inhabitants resided here at its peak   - an estimated 5-10 individuals believed to have lived within each of the single-level 'houses'   that made up the 'honeycomb'-like structure of thousands of adjacent buildings and courtyards. An absence of streets created the...

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