Death As a Theme In Literature Essay

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| Short Stories and Poems with the Central Theme of Death In literary history, there are a great many poems and stories that deal with the theme of death. Many use personification to give more character to the idea of death. Others use symbolism to recreate certain feelings associated with death. Many times though, as with life, death is the final outcome of the story, giving it a more dramatic meaning to the literary work as a whole. Death can mean so many things though. It precedes great feelings of loss and follows more often regrettable and stupid actions. There are a large number of characters in these stories that use death as either a tool for manipulating and affecting others’ lives. Other characters use it as a crutch; a figurative cross for them to bare on themselves to ensure that they have a purpose. Still some go insane from the idea of it, drowned in sorrow or misery, leading ultimately to their madness. There are many authors that stay true to the gothic style of poetry and drama. One of the most prevalent in this literary style is Edgar Allan Poe. There are few examples in which this author uses death as a focal point in order to get an ideal across. In “The Raven” the black, feathered messenger of the dead seems to approach the narrator with the intent of letting him know that “nevermore” will the narrator be able to see his loved one, Lenore. “Prophet!” Said I. ‘Thing of evil-prophet still if bird or devil...Clasp a rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore.’ Quoth the Raven ‘Nevermore’.” (Poe 545-49). This section of the story reveals the fear that the narrator has about the possibility that Lenore’s soul could be lost to hell. The more interesting idea is that the narrator believes that this bird is the one to tell him the truth. Without personification, Poe gives life and characterization to the fowl that is driving the

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