Death Anxiety Paper

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Candice Kacy Tues-Thurs 1-2:25 pm To me Death Anxiety fears death in all forms. Even in a small way everyone will experience it one way or another. Your neighbor may die and this may prompt you to think about your own life or a loved one. I was hit hard the minute my son was born this year. I didn’t know if he was going to make it! It was just him and I, with no experience of my own, what was I going to do? There are two theories of death anxiety from the Epicurean and the Existentialist. One believes death is annihilation, everything is destroyed in death and the other says it’s only human to think about death. Some spend time planning for death by a will or making plans for the future and others act out on the anxiety early to better their lives ahead. I’m choosing the existential theory because I believe it’s healthy for me to act on these feelings and not brush them away. From the Existential article there is a quote that sticks to my brain when I think about death anxiety. ‘’…when we face the anxiety of human existence, and allow it to propel us to greater self-awareness, growth, and responsible action; to deeper, more meaningful and moral relations with others; and ultimately to a relationship with the infinite, the divine, or God”. (The Consciousness of Death. Vincent Barry Chapter 3 pg. 58). More than once has my decisions came from thinking about the outcomes first and then acting on them. As it explains propelling us to greater self-awareness, I think of how my life would look at the end of my life and if I accomplished the things I wanted to do or if I didn’t. Thinking ahead of your own death or of loved ones deaths, it’s almost impossible to not think of outcomes of all your actions. You’re not going to smoke while pregnant in the event it leads to your child having a health issue or even dying. You’re going to think twice about drinking all

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