Death and Judgement Essay

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Yes, death is something to be feared. Death is life’s one and only certainty. Our society reduces death from a high and sacred mystery to a mere fact, a natural event, which we are supposed to come to terms with, cope with, and accept as natural. Except death is not natural and not acceptable; it is a horror and an obscenity. Not to admit this is to lose one’s intellectual virginity and honesty. Although we must also remember that Christ came to change death from an enemy to a friend. Death is also a meeting; it is the consummation of Christ’s betrothal to us. Christianity basically teaches that death is a grace, a joy, a “good catastrophe”. God is merciful, but he is also just. He reconciles both justice and mercy at Calvary. Forgiveness is costly. That’s why Christ had to die. If God were only merciful and not just, he could have easily said “forget it” instead of “forgive it”. In the end will not be able to argue with God’s judgment, for it will be simply truth. Judgment is also no more impersonal than it is arbitrary, for God the judge is both personal and perfect. The law of God’s unchangeable demand for perfection is fulfilled only by Christ, and our eternal destiny is dependent on our relationship to Him. We should be accepting of God’s love for it is the only way we might endure God’s judgment. If God calls me today I do believe I am ready because I feel I have so far lived a good life and I will always stay true to
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