Death and How We View It Essay

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Running head: Death “Death” How we view it. Steve Watson Cohort Fulton 3F Fac:Duncan ENG1203 June 11, 2013 The very word, DEATH depresses us; we do not like to even think about it. The one fact that we cannot escape is that one day we will all face death. We hear about it every day in the news, a shooting in the city, the terrible fact of war, the death of a well-known movie star or Politian. The specter of death is all around us, yet we fear it more than anything in our lives. When in reality it is one thing we should come to grips with ,and use it to spur us on to do more important things with the life we have been given. We as a culture view death in various ways, medically, scientifically, and spiritually. The American Heritage Medical dictionary defines death The end of life; the permanent cessation of vital bodily functions, as manifested in humans by the loss of heartbeat, the absence of spontaneous breathing, and brain death (The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary) The Scientific world views death yet another way. The end of life of an organism or cell. In humans and animals, death is manifested by the permanent cessation of vital organic functions, including the absence of heartbeat, spontaneous breathing, and brain activity. Cells die as a result of external injury or by an orderly, programmed series of self-destructive events known as apoptosis. The most common causes of death for humans in well-developed countries are cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, certain chronic diseases such as diabetes and emphysema, lung infections, and accidents. (death. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Science Dictionary. Retrieved June 11, 2013, from website) . The scientific world is always trying to come up with ways to extend life and the quality of it.

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