Death and Dying Essay

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Part A: How might views about death in the Western world be influenced by religion and culture. Death is a human inescapable experience that can come about at any moment or time (Badham, 1995; Webster, 2009), as an ultimate mystery of our existence that poses questions of what happens after life and moreover if there is life after death (Komaromy , 2009a pp22-26). Kastenbaum (2007) contends that the influence and views to what death means is diverse to every culture and religion, but the main focus of this paper is on the Western World and how attitudes and beliefs are formed by the society (Taylor, 1980). Arguments will be drawn from the course material of Block 1, The Social Context of Death and Dying, focusing on units 1, 2, and illustrating answers from personal experience. Good you have set the scene well for your essay in this introduction. A common denominator of people fearing death is clearly discussed in Block 1 and anxiety is synonymous with all individuals when explaining or describing death. For example in activity 1.1, Explaining the meaning of death, (Komaromy, 2009a p. 10), I experienced death at the age of 13 years old, where I saw my grandmother in the hospital mortuary. It was not a pretty sight and it is still difficult to sink in. Her passing away was horrifying, and I would like to think that she is now in a better place. At the time I told my youngest sister that our grandmother is ‘cured’ from illness, her soul ‘rests in peace’ and ‘happy in heaven’, to make the experience less agonizing. Has this had a lasting effect on how you view death and do you think it would have been better for you and your sister not to have viewed your grandmother in a mortuary? Block 1 provides a number of euphemisms in our language to describe what happens after death. Mediums and Spiritualists use expressions as ‘crossing over’, ‘passing over’ or

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