Death and Dying Essay

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Medical Professional Issues Death and Dying As a health care provider it is important to recognize the five different stages of grief in the death and dying process in order to provide help and support to patients and their families. The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Each person facing the death and dying process may not experience every stage, the stages may come and go in any order and often many stages happen simultaneously. The first stage of grief is usally denial that one is facing death. As a health care provider we must remind ourselves that denial is a normal defense mechanism and that over time patients and family members eventually come around to acceptance. To help a patient and their family through denial always be honest and up front do not attempt to make the issue seem less than what it is, but never covey hopelessness. Provide information to them in small bytes, encourage them to ask questions and remember to ask questions as well. Also provide helpful material they can read and absorb at their own leisure. The anger stage often accompanies denial during this stage it is best to let the person vent. Help them feel understood by reassuring them they have the right to be angry. Suggest therapeutic ways they can release their anger such as hitting a pillow, letting out a scream or tearing up newspaper. The next stage often seen is bargaining, where the patient and or family member is pleading with God. During this time arranging for them to meet and talk to someone of their faith may provide them with some comfort. Another stage of grief the patient and family members may experience is depression. As a health care provider emotional support should be provided by listening, focusing, responding from your gut and leaving hope in tack. It is important to recognize that some depression

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