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Question & Answer related to book The Nicomachean Ethics 1. Discuss how the function argument (offered by Aristotle in Book 1 of the Nicomachean Ethics) connects reason, virtue, and happiness. (2 points) Ans.1 All things to have a function. Aristotle specifically talks about the human function. Reason means we should perform our each function in a good manner. If we perform each function well (good) than its lead us to virtue. Happiness is an activity of the soul, in accord with virtue. We already know the function of each thing and meaning of good. For example, I am working at customer service desk, I must have to greet each customer with perfect smile. When I gave a perfect smile at that time my function to smile is going to be good. This good function lead me towards virtue. Finally, I am satisfied with my good work which give me a happiness. 2. According to Aristotle, how do virtue and fortune (i.e., luck) relate to one another? (1 point) Ans.2 Happiness is acquired by some sort of cultivation or is it result of some divine fate or even a fortune. External goods took that material conditions to the work that virtue. Aristotle, point out that we find our happiness by our own actions. Happiness is not something we received form the people or from external situations. “It needs the external goods as well; for it is impossible, or not easy, to do noble acts without the proper equipment. In many actions we use friends and riches and political power as instruments; and there are some things the lack of which takes the luster from happiness, as good birth, goodly children, beauty; for the man who is very ugly in appearance or ill-born or solitary and childless is not very likely to be happy, and perhaps a man would be still less likely if he had thoroughly bad children or friends or had lost good children or friends by death. As we said, then, happiness seems

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