Dear Rich People Essay

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I wonder would you dare publish this letter! I’m writing this letter to your magazine because you are the elite of the magazine world. You have the “rich” connections. I don’t have much materially or financially in this world—probably live what’s considered just above the poverty line. I receive $1,109.00 per month from Government Disability. I’m not trying to chalk up “brownie points” for me, but when I was working and able to do more, I would send to certain charities and non-profit organizations. Now, I barely get buy from month to month. If I could, I would get every homeless person off the streets and off the ground, and make sure no one went to sleep or woke up hungry. I’m not trying to say that there aren’t generous rich people either. I know there are many who donate to various charities and non-profit organizations. I am truly thankful for them and those they help. But, I also live in somewhat of a fantasy world. I watch your listings of the richest people in America, and television shows like “The Rich and Famous, Platinum Babies, Most Expensive Houses, Wealth on the Water, in the air, on wheels, etc. I can’t really picture the amounts of money your world talks about. I even ask myself, “Do people really live like that?” I guess they do, otherwise they wouldn’t be showing it. Then I try to picture myself in that world. However, I can’t stay for very long, because I can’t associate the feelings. I just think that the world has enough money, food and resources to eradicate world hunger and homelessness. I really think we do. I also think at some point, we will have to give an account because we didn’t. I also ask, “How much is enough for one person? I mean, “What does it feel like to have millions and billions of dollars associated with your name? Does it make a person feel better than another human being? Does it make them feel

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