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Dear Miriam Essay

  • Submitted by: TatiAls
  • on March 6, 2014
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When changes happen, people also change. Sometimes for good, and sometime for worse. The story "Dear Miriam, is probably set somewhere in Europe, in the 20th century. In this story the narrator whose name is not given gets new neighbors. He is not very happy with the change that is happening. The story indicates that he has been living in his mill for a long time, alone, "the peace had been mine so long." (p.1, ll.2).   One day three men come to the country house next to the mill and start to rebuild it. The narrator is not happy, because he loves how the house is crumbling down. But   there is nothing he can do to stop it, because they only work at daytime, and the narrator hates daylight. He neither can nor wants to go out in the sunlight. The narrator is a very quiet person. He loves silence and peace and to be alone. He is some kind of a supernatural creature, because he cannot go out in the sun, and his sense of smell is very strong. He is smelling the scent of the people like an animal. (p.1, ll.19-23)
After a while he loses interest in what is happening, but then a little girl comes out with her mother. Her name is Miriam (p.1,ll.24-25). When he hears that name, it goes right into his head. He is familiar with it, "The name went through my brain like an arrow" (p.1,ll. 25-26). He instantly falls in love with her. "How I loved the little girl!" (p.1, ll.28)
There seems to be a connection to something in his past with   this name. When the night comes, he takes the final step. He goes into the house and thinks that there are only the parents and the girl. He finds a lot of people in the house, they work there at daytime. He goes through the rooms and the last room he reaches is the girlĀ“s room. Quietly he sits down. He is watching her for what seem like hours. (p.1.ll.37-38) She is bright red, and breathing heavily. He touches the girls forehead. He immediately gets very scared, because he knows the symptoms the girl shows. Again it indicates that he is...

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