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Dear college president, I have heard that our college wants to increase enrollment and has come up with two ways in order to accomplish this. One of them is to run an advertising campaign to convince students to come. The other option is to invite high school students for two weeks during the summer to experience life in college. My choice is to run an advertising campaign because I believe that will attract more students than inviting them into the college for two weeks in the summer. One way we can advertise the college is by television. Many teenagers watch a lot of television these days. So advertising our college campaigns during their shows would be a great way to persuade into coming to our college. We also have to put the commercials at the right channel as well. We do not want to put our advertisements during a cooking show channel or during a dog show. We need to…show more content…
Everyone listens to music, if you do not then you must be disabled or there is something wrong with you. Doing advertisements in radios is a good way to attract more students because a lot of students listen to the radio at their homes or while on a car or with their mp3 players. We can express how good our graduation rate is in our college. We can state how many majors we have to offer, describe our college like hoe many floors but not get into that much detail. Persuading is our main purpose in our advertisements, like before the commercial ends we can throw in something that would want them asking for more or offering them a free gift if they come to our college. Just placing the advertisements in the right radio station is thing only thing left to complete our goal. Some stations that would be great are hot 97, or z100, just stations that appeal to the teens. All in all I believe that this would better satisfy the goal of attracting more students to come to our

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