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Dear Amnesty “Dear Amnesty” is a short story about the degree of commitment that some people take to fight for Human Rights. Sarah is the main character of Dear Amnesty. She is a fervent activist -member of the Urgent Action Network- of International Amnesty. She writes letter to goverment officials on behalf of detainees and torture victims around the world. In the point where the story place us, Sarah is so commited to the pain of others that she writes letters compulsively. In the eyes of her two adult children, the protagonist is obsessed with the letters that she writes. Her son, Richard (who is a medicine student) thinks that Sarah´s obsessive behavior was caused by her recent divorce. In this moment, Sarah is very involved in the case of Rosita (a woman who has been arrested and tortured for requesting better working conditions). Sara is so emotionaly attached to Rosita´s problems that it affectes her psycologically and physically. Sarah´s daughter, kate, is very scared of and worried about her mother´s behavior and when things go out of hand, she decides to move back to a flat and his brother leaves for a field trip. One night, Sarah feels uterine pains and a good neighbor accompanies her to the emergency room. The neighbor thinks that it is a miscarriage but Sarah has such an emotional bond with Rosita that their menstrual cycles are aligned. Dr. Fisher initially diagnoses her with a psychological pregnancy but after Kate gives him the “ Urgent Action Bullentin´s”, he changes the diagnosis of histeria and identifies Rosita as the source of the problem. Sarah is trying to save Rosita. Sarah thinks that if she suffered Rosita´s pain, she could help her. The doctor tells her that she has to cure her own pain. Sarah has a nightmare in which Rosita is hurting and Sarah tries to help her but Rosita refuses her assitance. Sarah doesn´t let down Rosita although she

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