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Dear Abbey, I am so happy that you have chosen a wonderful university to attend in the fall. The decision to major in Accounting or Finance does not have to be made just yet. When you begin college you will have to take three or four semesters of “College of Business core, speech, and math requirements.” () During your first couple of semesters you will be able to talk to Accounting and Finance majors on campus and meet the different professors, as well as get a better feel for both programs at the university. I am glad to hear you are doing your research early, though! Truthfully, I think that you should plan to double major in both Finance and Accounting. If you start out as both and it is too much, or you find out that you prefer one over the other after taking a few classes, then you can always drop one. You have told me that you do not wish to go to grad school, and that you want to graduate in four years. To double major you will need to take two classes each summer to graduate on time. () Some summers I took more than two classes, so I can tell you that it is not bad! You are paying a lot of money to go to a great university and you should get as much as you can out of it. Plus, you might even end up wanting to stay longer. When it comes to finding a career right out of college, you cannot go wrong with a double major. Accounting and Finance majors already share similar career options, and a double major will ensure that you are more prepared and qualified than someone who only has one. Accounting majors can go into a multitude of different areas such as: public accounting, private accounting or government and not-for-profit accounting. Within these areas there are tons of other specializations such as: tax, audit, internal accounting, payroll, advisory, planning, management, etc. () Finance majors According to the Occupational Outlook

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