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Dear life lover, Let me explain something to you honey-love life is a load of crap. Let’s just be honest the human race is insane, completely bonkers. We live in a world full of hypocrites, murderers, crazies, and... Let me put it this way living on earth is like purgatory. Not technically, it’s just we are on earth to determine if we’re going to Heaven or hell. We have the years that we are on Earth to make ourselves seem presentable in Gods eyes. Even though there are some people that don’t give a rats butt where they end up but hey, me I want to go to heaven to see the big man on top. Cause that whole burning for my sins thing is not working for me. Like I’m not black but my hair is, imagine me in the heat straight frizz and no relaxer. Not cutting it. Anyway, back to the whole God and heaven stuff I believe in God it’s just that I don’t go to church. The way I see it, the people that go to church are no better than me just because they wake up early in the morning get all fancy and want praise dance. I think God will love me even if I don’t put my Sunday best on and walk in to his house with the rest of the hypocrites that stroll in there like there all that and a bag of chips. Some people look at the Bible like the constitution and they try to strictly go by it in till it’s against something they do because in that case they don’t even want to look at the bible. The funniest thing to me about the bible and how people interpret it is that for example a father of a homosexual daughter would rather point out her flaws because “according” to God liking the same sex isn’t right, but hold on that’s just the beginning. While he points out the idea that her chooses aren’t right according to God; however, I’m pretty sure last time I checked sexual immorality was sin too. On a brighter note, being able to wake up and know that people love me is an amazing

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