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Dear mom I know its hard for you to expect the fact that I'm gay I don’t want you to think that I would ever expect you to change your believes or to compromise what you live by for me I want you to know that I recognize the fact that you tried to except me and I want you to know that ,that’s enough . dear dad when I first came out to you, you’re the one person that expected it and completely took it to heart even though you believed in the same things that you've always believed in , you loved me anyway and you never expected me to change who I was for anyone .thank you Dear Taylor as my older brother you've always been protective , you've always watch out for me and looked after me ,I never forget that argument that we had when you found out that I was making videos for teenagers who is struggling with homosexuality , I know that you where disappointed in me and I know that you thought that I was doing more harm than I was doing good ,you've always been incredibly driven and incredibly soled in your religion in fact we agreed when we disagreed just shows how much that you really are the brother I always though you to be . dear Tristan I know you probable wont see this ,I know your young and its hard for you to really understand why I don’t like men , I know you where disappointed when mom told you that I was gay , it broke my heart to know that you though less of me ,that I know one day you'll understand how impotent it is to never compromise anything for the person you love. Dear grandma and grandpa I know you hoped that one day I will end up with a man , I know that you still have that hope in your heart that their will be an exception for me , I want you to know that if you need to hold on for that hope its okay with me that I'm simply grateful that you are even able to swallow or prosaic my sexuality . Dear liana ,you never saw me as your gay

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