Dealing With Values And Ethics Essay

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Information gathered from reading the case: 1. Elaine and Izzy Polanski have been happily married for the last 10 yrs. 2. Occupations: Elaine is a systems engineer and Izzy a pilot 3. Gross Income: $98,000.00 4. Both concerned about their large tax obligation of $22,909 as the end of the year approached. 5. They have six stocks in their portfolio, and only one was trading at a loss from its original purchase price. 6. They hold 500 shares of Atlantic Cellular Company and 1000 shares of Atlas Corp. 7. The stock owned with Atlantic Cellular Company has fallen in price due to poor third quarter earnings and the one owned with Atlas Corp. has gone up in value. 8. Izzy Polanski wants to call his old college roommate Gordon Lewis, the Vice President of Corporate Development at Atlantic Cellular Company to get company confidential info. 9. U.S Treasury Department is weighing on a balance which Company should win their major contract. Atlantic cellular company or Atlas Corp? Case study question: Should Izzy Polanski call Gordon Lewis, his old college roommate, to get information on the contract bid? Ethics best describe as the study of the moral value of human conduct, a set of principles of right from wrong, a theory or a system of moral values, or the study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person. It is the code of behavior of a particular group, profession or individual. At times ethics conflicts with belief system when dealing with values and ethics simultaneously. This is the case of Elaine and Izzy Polanski. With the situation at hand, let’s analyze the couple’s ethics. Elaine and Izzy Polanski together make a gross income of ninety eight thousand ($98,000). The story did not specify if they have any dependents such as children. Let’s assume there are no children to claim on their tax return,

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